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Women Delivers Baby In Train Toilet

A woman gave birth to a child in the toilet of an express train. The incident took place in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Simpi, a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar, was eight months pregnant. She was coming to Bhagalpur with her husband on Shramjeevi Express yesterday. While on the train, she suddenly had labor pains. Then she gave birth in the toilet.

As soon as Simpi’s labor pains arose, husband Suraj informed the passengers of the train. The female passengers came forward with their help. Simpy gave birth in the toilet. A couple of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel on the train assisted the couple and also provided financial help.

When the train stopped at Moradabad station, members of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) rushed Simpi to the district hospital.

The woman’s husband, said: “Our doctor had earlier informed us that my wife would give birth sometime next month. So, we decided to go to our hometown during Chhath puja for better health care and spend time with family and relatives. But maybe, God wanted it to happen this way. I’m very thankful to both CRPF and RPF personnel and fellow passengers for their assistance. The baby and mother are both healthy”

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