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PM Modi Reaches Out To ‘Muslim Daughters’ In UP Rally

Amid the ongoing hijab row in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asserted that his government stands with Muslim girls and women and cautioned them against being tricked by those who always want them to be behind.

Addressing a public rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur, Modi said Muslim daughters and sisters understand the clear intentions of the BJP government at the Centre, which has liberated them from the practice of triple talaq.

“Our government stands with ‘Har Majloom’, every victim Muslim woman. Muslim sisters and daughters understand our clear intentions. We made them free of Triple Talak; gave them protection. When BJP received support from Muslim women, these ‘vote thekedaars’ got restless that their daughters are saying ‘Modi-Modi’… They’re tricking Muslim sisters,” the PM told voters in Saharanpur.

He further asked the voters to bring the BJP government back to power in the state.

The rally was held on a day when the voting for the first phase of state Assembly Elections is underway on 58 seats spread across 11 districts. The fate of 623 candidates will be sealed in EVMs by 6 pm when voting will come to a close.

Addressing the voters, PM Modi said the people had turned out in large numbers to vote in the first phase and this was appreciable. He added that the BJP manifesto for the UP election 2022 is a resolution for the welfare of the people.

“Some constituencies in western UP are voting for the first phase. I’m glad that on such winter mornings, people are going to vote in huge numbers. I appreciate all these voters. BJP UP’s ‘ghoshna patra’ is a resolution for welfare,” the PM said in Saharanpur.

Modi further appealed to the people to keep Uttar Pradesh riot-free, “keep our sisters free from fear and send criminals to jail”.

The PM further stressed that a BJP government in Uttar Pradesh will ensure small farmers keep on availing benefits of the Centre’s PM Kisan Yojana.

“We’re working on a permanent solution for sugarcane farmers. To tackle ups and downs of the sugar market, sugarcane will also be used to produce ethanol. Rs 12,000 cr has been earned from sugarcane-based ethanol, which is providing safety to sugarcane farmers,” PM Modi stated.

The PM also hit out at the Congress party for making hollow promises to the electorate of the state.

“A whole ‘parivaar-vaad’ party is making fake promises to the UP public. Remember, if someone promises big, those are usually empty, irresponsible promises. They promised electricity but kept UP in dark and illuminated their residing district. They left Saharanpur and other districts to fend for themselves,” Modi said in a scathing attack on the Gandhi family.

Earlier, speaking at the same public rally, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said the state had witnessed a series of riots under previous governments. However, the state witnessed change once the BJP came to power.

“Be it riots in Kosi Kalan or Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur or Aligarh, there was a chain of riots during anarchical governance of previous governments. They imposed curfews, conducted riots, didn’t let people celebrate festivals; Kanwar Yatras were also stopped,” Adityanath noted.


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