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Over 35k Monkeypox Cases Reports Across 92 Countries: WHO

More than 35,000 cases of monkeypox have now been reported from 92 countries and territories, with almost 7,500 cases being registered last week – a 20 per cent increase, said World Health Organization (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Wednesday.

Ghebreyesus said there has been a total of 12 monkeypox-related deaths across the world so far. Top WHO official also said vaccines may also play an important part in controlling the monkeypox outbreak, and in many countries, there is high demand for vaccines from the affected communities.

Ghebreyesus’s statement comes even as Bavarian Nordic A/S, the only company with an approved vaccine for monkeypox, said it’s no longer certain it can meet demand as cases continue to rise across the world.

The Danish company is now exploring the possibility of outsourcing some of the production, including technology transfer to a US contract manufacturer, to meet accelerating demand.

“It’s a very dynamic market situation,” Rolf Sass Sorensen, a vice president at the firm, said by phone on Wednesday. “Demand keeps rising and it’s no longer certain that we can continue to meet the demand we’re facing even with the upgrade of our existing manufacturing site in Denmark.”

Monkeypox prevention and treatment tips

  1. Keep distance from people who have recently been diagnosed with the virus or who might be affected.
  2. If you are in close proximity to someone who is experiencing symptoms, put on a face mask and maintain distance.
  3. Maintain adequate hand hygiene, particularly after interacting with infected or possibly contaminated persons. Wear PPE kit when caring for infected individuals. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, or wash your hands with soap and water.
  4. Avoid contact with people who have recently visited the outbreak regions.
  5. It is advisable to refrain from touching objects that have come into contact with an infected person (like bedding, towels and personal clothing) since monkeypox virus can also transfer through surfaces and materials.
  6. Avoid sharing cups or eating utensils with someone who has monkeypox. If using disposable plates and cups, maintain correct containment and disposal of contaminated waste.
  7. All foods that contain animal meat or parts must be properly cooked.
  8. It is required to clean and disinfect touched surfaces.

“In case you are diagnosed with monkeypox, don’t panic, contact your doctor. The illness is self-limiting and its course could last up to 4 weeks. During this time, symptoms must be effectively handled. In most cases, the patient will get better on their own without treatment. To prevent the spread of the virus, isolate yourself till all the lesions scab go away. Keep the skin lesions covered with clothes, gloves or bandages and try not to touch the sores/rashes. Keep in touch with your doctor who can assist you in overcoming this infection.”

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