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Coronavirus: India Reports 6,396 New Covid Cases, 201 Deaths In Last 24 Hrs

India reported 6,396 fresh Covid infections and 201 deaths in a span of 24 hours, the Union health ministry said on Friday morning.

With the new Covid related deaths, the death toll has reached 5,14,589

The active cases have further reduced to 69,897 which constitute 0.16 per cent of the country’s total positive cases, said the ministry report.

The recovery of 13,450 patients in the last 24 hours has increased the cumulative tally to 4,23,67,070. Consequently, India’s recovery rate stands at 98.64 per cent, said the Union Health Ministry.

Also in the same period, a total of 9,23,351 tests were conducted across the country. India has so far conducted over 77.09 crore cumulative tests.

Meanwhile, the weekly positivity rate has come down to 0.90 per cent while the daily positivity rate has further fallen at 0.69 per cent.

With the administration of over 24.84 lakh Covid vaccine doses in the last 24 hours, India’s inoculation coverage has reached 178.29 crore as of Friday morning. This has been achieved through 2,06,05,684 sessions.

More than 15.49 crore balance and unutilised Covid vaccine doses are still available with the states and union territories to be administered, according to the health ministry as of Friday morning.


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