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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Promises Debt Waiver For Farmers, Free Gas Cylinders To Women

Addressing the party’s “Pratigya Rally” in UP’s Mahoba, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra promised debt waiver for farmers and free gas cylinders to women if Congress comes to power in next year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

She accused PM Modi of doing nothing for farmers.

“Do you know the income of PM’s big industrialist friends? They earn ₹ 10,000 crores daily and you are earning ₹ 27 a day, and this government is doing nothing for you,” she alleged.

“Do you know the cost of the aircraft used by him? It is ₹ 8,000 crore. He comes here to give a speech but your income is not raised. He comes in that aircraft but cannot waive the debts of farmers,” Priyanka Gandhi said apparently referring to the PM’s recent visit to Mahoba.

“If they have money to buy aircraft, then why not for you,” she asked.

“If the Congress government is formed in Uttar Pradesh, then the entire loan of farmers will be waived and women will be given three domestic gas cylinders free of cost in a year,” she added.

On promises made by the Congress if it comes to power in the state, she said that a Bundelkhand Development Board with its own budget will be set up while promising a policy for mandis, industry and tourism.

Priyanka Gandhi, who recently visited the region to meet families of the farmers who died in queues for fertilisers, said mounting debt on them has added on to their troubles.

Even the fertilizer distribution system does not work properly, she claimed.

Promising to deal with the menace of stray cattle, she regretted that this problem is yet to be recognised by the government.

She also recalled the migration after the coronavirus outbreak, saying when her party arranged buses for people, the government did not take help.

“Now, when they have meetings, they bring a crowd in buses. When your brothers and sisters were walking back home, where was this government? Where were the buses?” she asked.

She further accused UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and PM Modi of indulging in false publicity.

During the foundation laying ceremony of an airport in Jewar, its advertisement carried a picture of a Chinese airport without caring for truth, she said.

Stressing that the people of Bundelkhand have the right over the resources in the region, she accused the PM and the Chief Minister of betraying them, alleging that the government has no plans for developing the area.

Priyanka Gandhi also cited various works done by her party’s governments in the past, stressing that Congress is answerable to people and its intention is honest.


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