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Mumbai Falcons Win 2022 Formula Regional Asia Driver And Team Championships

Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited wrapped up a scintillating Formula Regional Asian Championship campaign this weekend at Yas Marina, home of the 2022 finale.

The team made history on Monday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit, becoming the first Indian team ever to win an FIA accredited Championship, dominantly winning the international single-seater championship.

Arthur Leclerc delivered a masterful win in Race 1 to mathematically clinch the driver’s title. The 21-year-old Monegasque driver scored his fourth win of the year, in front of his team-mate and fellow Ferrari Driver Academy member Dino Beganovic.

Leclerc then rounded out his score with a third place in Race 2, while the 18-year-old Swede Dino Beganovic sealed the deal for Mumbai Falcons in the Team Championship by notching 2nd place twice.

Another Ferrari junior, Ollie Bearman added more valuable points to the overall score in his second series outing after replacing Sebastian Montoya two weeks ago; Montoya also placed third in the rookie championship. The Colombian was instrumental to the team’s success with two wins earlier in the season which, combined with the ones by Leclerc and Beganovic, bring the team’s total to seven.

Throughout the five-round championship, Mumbai Falcons Racing Limited delivered a grand total of 18 podium finishes, four pole positions, and five fastest laps.

Reflecting on the historic victory, 2022 Formula Regional Asian Champion Arthur Leclerc said, “I’m extremely happy to have won the championship this way. We had the chance to show our real pace, and that’s the result of all the work we did together throughout the season.

“I’d like to thank the team, my team principal and co-team principal, as well as the mechanics, engineers and all team members who helped make the win happen. We are looking forward to taking this experience to be ready for the FIA Formula 3 Championship.”

Speaking about the Falcons’ performance, Leclerc’s teammate Dino Beganovic said, “We made a good comeback with a double second place. We performed well in qualifying 1 while the second one wasn’t as great; we don’t know why exactly. Anyway, it was great to fight back to take two podium finishes. I think we maximized the weekend.”

Moid Tungekar (CEO Mumbai Falcons), expressed jubilation after his team secured the Championship victory.

“This victory has been an absolute dream come true. Not just for us, but for the nation as well as all the young aspiring race drivers out there in India. Our goal is to have Indians at the pinnacle of motorsport and the journey has begun.

“We look forward to conducting motorsport programmes and events around India over the year. Once again, I would like to thank our technical partners Prema as well as the team and mechanics for all the hard work they have put into this winning effort,” he said.


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