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Parental Consent Not Needed For Offline Classes In Delhi

The consent of parents for attending offline classes or exams for students of class 10 and 12 in the national capital will not be mandatory anymore.

In an order issued by the Directorate of Education, the Delhi government has allowed all government schools to conduct offline classes and exams for students of class 10 and 12. The order says that the consent of parents will not be required to attend the offline classes for students.

“Schools may also deploy transportation facilities for the convenience of students and parents with Covid appropriate behaviour as notified from time to time”, the order reads further.

However, the hybrid mode of classes and exams — offline as well as online — will continue as before for classes up to 9 and class 11 till March 31, the order reads.

The government has also allowed all schools to go offline from April 1. The decision has been taken by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority.

Meanwhile, the daily Covid caseload has been witnessing a declining trend in the national capital. Delhi on Monday reported a considerable decline of nearly 46 per cent in daily Covid cases at 258 fresh infections. The city reported no Covid related death for the first time after December 31.


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