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WTI Crude: BIG Picture

In yesterday session, Global liquidity selloff was seen; more than 12.5% fall in a single session, which was beyond my expectation. My apologies to all that I can’t let you know, what beyond 73.05/72.06 level, actually 67.91-64.93  zone, was final target of this month calculated by a method.    

For now, low has been made yesterday at 67.38 or it will take support at 64.93, this level might be upside reversal.

Clearly downside is limited at these level and it may be long opportunity for 104.54(-23.6% retracement fib.)

Below 61.07, I will close my long.

Time frame could be the period for 1 to 3 Months.   

For more clarity about predicted target of 104.54 or what to do after stop out, there will be update on first week of December.

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