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What in a store for Gold: December’21

After analyze Daily chart for month of Dec’21 through our proprietary calculation method, determine that it will trade with 141 points move, between the Range 1847.22 and 1706.18.

So, our aim is clearly to get minimum of 75% of total move, i.e. 105.75 points, which is equal to 10 K USD (In terms of profitability).

Have on eye on chart:

Extreme Levels:          1847.22-1706.18(Red Horizontal Lines)

Intermediate levels: 1813.67-1737.20(Green Horizontal Lines)

Trend dictator: 1780.71-1768.78(Blue Horizontal Lines)

For low risk set up, one should wait for Daily close above or below of ‘Trend Dictator’ level, it will dictate further price towards Intermediate level or Extreme level.

One can see in chart, recently we got rejected at 1813.67, that is why, lower level of Intermediate level 1737.20 is our preferred count now(Green arrow on chart).

1737.20 may be reversal for 1847.22,will watch price action there.

Will follow up ….

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