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Future of Agniveers Is Totally Secure: NSA Ajit Doval

NSA Ajit Doval backs the Agnipath scheme, saying, “the whole war is undergoing a great change. We are going toward contactless wars, and also going towards the war against the invisible enemy. Technology is taking over at a rapid pace. If we have to prepare for tomorrow, then we have to change. We need young, well-trained armed forces.”

“Agniveers will never constitute the whole army. Those Agniveers who become regulars eventually will undergo intensive training, acquire experience over a period of time.”

“The future of Agniveers is totally secure, nothing to worry about.”

“As far as regiments are concerned, two things need to be understood. Nobody is tinkering with the concept of regiments…They (regiments) will continue…The regimental system has not ended.”

Speaking on protests against Agnipath scheme, NSA Ajit Doval says, “I think that the protests, raising your voice is justified and is permitted in a democracy. But this vandalism, this violence is not permitted and will not be tolerated at all.”

“There are vested interests behind Agnipath protests. Some people are opposing Agnipath as they want conflict in society. They are conflict entrepreneurs. There is no justification for violence.”

“My message to the youth who want to become ‘Agniveers’ is that be positive, have faith in the nation, have faith in the leadership and also in yourself.”

Meanwhile, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Tuesday announced guaranteed government jobs to Agniveers. The Chief Minister said Haryana is the first state to ensure such jobs for the youth. “The state government is always working for the betterment of the people by taking decisions in the public interest.”

He said the youth who would come out after joining the army under the Agnipath scheme would be given Group C or Haryana Police jobs.

The Chief Minister was addressing a function organised in Bhiwani on the eighth International Day of Yoga.

The Chief Minister said it is a matter of pride to get a job in the army. Therefore, 75 per cent of the youth who will retire under the Agnipath scheme will be guaranteed jobs in Haryana.

“This is a unique gift for Agniveers. This will increase the interest of the youth in the army,” he said.

The Chief Minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought about a radical change in the Indian Army.

“Now the army will be further equipped on technical grounds. This will give opportunities to the youth of 10th to 12th standards. Thus Agnipath is a better scheme not only for the youth but also for the army,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Central government has filed a caveat in the Supreme Court regarding the petitions in connection with the ‘Agnipath’ scheme, to induct youth into all three-armed forces divisions, saying the court should hear it before taking any decision.

Three petitions have been filed so far in the apex court in connection with the Agnipath scheme. However, the caveat did not cite any particular plea.

A plea filed by advocate M.L. Sharma sought a direction from the top court to quash the notification issued on June 14 by the Ministry of Defence announcing the scheme.

The plea said a large section of youth have started protesting against the scheme in various parts of the country.

The plea said: “According to the impugned press note…dated 14.06.2022 after 4 years out of 100 per cent selected candidates for Permanent Commission in Indian Army 25 per cent will be continued in Indian Army force and the rest 75 per cent will be retired /denied jobs in the Indian Army. During 4 years they will be paid salary and perks, but after 4 years denied candidates will get no pension, etc.”

Sharma’s plea said the Central government, contrary to the constitutional provisions and without having approval from Parliament and without any gazette notification, quashed the century-old army selection process and imposed the scheme on the country.

Another plea was filed by advocate Vishal Tiwari, last week, seeking a direction to set up a committee to examine the scheme and its impact on national security and the Army. On Tuesday, a plea was mentioned before the Supreme Court seeking a probe by a special investigation team (SIT) into the violent protests against the scheme.

A bench of Justices C.T. Ravikumar and Sudhanshu Dhulia directed that the matter be placed before Chief Justice N.V. Ramana to examine the request for early listing.

The first batch of Agnipath recruits will be trained and deployed to units by July 2023, said a defence official during a tri-service press conference.


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