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Coronavirus: India Reports 7,231 New Covid Cases

India on Wednesday reported 7,231 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours, against the previous day’s 5,439 count, Union Health Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the active caseload has declined to 64,667 cases, accounting for 0.15 per cent of the total positive cases.

As per the report, the Covid-related deaths have increased to 5,27,874.

The recovery of 10,828 patients took the cumulative tally to 4,38,35,852. Consequently, the recovery rate stands at 98.67 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Daily Positivity rate has marginally risen to 2.05 per cent, while the Weekly Positivity Rate stands at 2.55 per cent.

Also in the same period, a total of 3,52,166 tests were conducted, increasing the overall tally to over 88.58 crore.

As of this morning, the Covid-19 vaccination coverage exceeded 212.39 crore, achieved via 2,12,39,816 sessions

Over 4.03 crore adolescents have been administered with a first dose of Covid-19 jab since the beginning of vaccination drive for this age bracket.

Mumbai on Wednesday reported 638 new cases of COVID-19, taking the overall tally to 11,44,823, while four fresh deaths linked to the infection pushed up the toll to 19,698, said the city civic body.

As many as 789 patients recovered from the infection during the day, taking their cumulative tally to 11,20,868 and leaving the metropolis with 4,257 active cases, said the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in a bulletin.

Maharashtra on Wednesday recorded 1,600 fresh coronavirus cases, while five more patients succumbed to the infection in the state, the health department said. With these additions, the state’s overall COVID-19 tally rose to 81,00,338, while the death count increased to 1,48,247, said the department in a bulletin.

Karnataka on Wednesday clocked 639 fresh COVID-19 cases and two fatalities, taking the cumulative infections and deaths to 40,51,554 and 40,201 respectively, the Health Department said. The day also saw 967 people being discharged, taking the total number of recoveries to 40,04,866, according to a bulletin.

Odisha’s COVID-19 tally rose to 13,27,657 on Wednesday as 275 more people, including 45 children, tested positive for the infection, a health department bulletin said.

Meanwhile, Millions of people in areas surrounding China’s capital were ordered into lockdown Tuesday, with authorities doubling down on efforts to contain Covid-19 ahead of a key ruling Communist Party meeting this year.

Nearly four million people in Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing, were ordered to stay home until the end of the week as officials rush to curb a small virus flare-up.

And more than 13 million in the neighbouring port city of Tianjin must undergo mass testing from 6 am (2200 GMT), after 51 mostly mild cases were reported.

China is the only major global economy sticking to a zero-Covid policy, and lockdowns, travel restrictions and mass testing have disrupted businesses and cooled growth.

Beijing has doubled down on the policy ahead of the Communist Party’s 20th National Congress, expected to take place within the next three months.

The handling of the pandemic is widely seen as central to the political legacy of President Xi Jinping, who is set to be anointed for an unprecedented third term in office at the meeting.

But “the actual Covid situation in China might be worsening, as Omicron has once again spread to large cities”, Nomura analyst Ting Lu warned in a research note.

Chengdu, western China’s largest city, has also seen strict travel restrictions.

And in the southern tech hub of Shenzhen, two districts are under partial lockdown, while the world’s biggest electronics market in Huaqiangbei has closed — despite just 35 daily cases being reported in the city of over 18 million.

“The notice to close came abruptly, we only had a few hours to put our stock into warehouses and lock up,” a trader at the Huaqiangbei tech market, who only offered his last name Chen, told AFP.

In Futian, where the city government is located, cinemas, karaoke bars and parks are closed until Friday and large public events have been cancelled.

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