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Bihar Heading For Mid-Term Polls: Chirag Paswan

Lok Janshakti Party president Chirag Paswan has again said that Bihar is heading for a midterm poll.

“Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is looking for issues to separate from the BJP. The situation is similar to 2017 when he separated from the Mahagathbandhan. At that time, he was saying till the last moment that there was no dispute with the RJD. His operation was so secret that many veterans learned about the development when his convoy went to Raj Bhavan for resignation,” Paswan said.

“Every time he makes a surprise decision, he goes to Rajgir, Paswan said.

Sources have said that Nitish Kumar is waiting for the Uttar Pradesh election result. If BJP loses, the chances of a midterm poll will be high in Bihar. The relationship between JD-U and the BJP is at its lowest ebb and this is obvious from the statements by leaders of both parties.

Chirag Paswan said: “Nitish Kumar can go anywhere to retain the chief minister’s post. If he negotiates with other parties, he will replicate his move of 2017.”

“Nitish Kumar always blames the 15 years rule of Lalu Prasad. I believe that this is a decade-old story. If we live in the past, we cannot secure our future. I firmly believe that we have to live in the present to make our future better. There are so many challenges like unemployment, inflation, law and order situation which need to be addressed to make our present and future better,” Paswan said.

“We have started Bihar Bachao Yatra from Tuesday and will go in every district to inform people about the failure of Nitish Kumar government,” Paswan said.


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